Taylor Houseworth


Jennifer McAtee’s love for sports started on the soccer field when she was just a tiny human. At five, she quickly fell in love with the competition and team camaraderie. Over the years, Jen’s love of how soccer impacted her mind, body, and spirit kept her in the game. And while there wasn’t a focus on fitness recovery at the time, Jen knew it was crucial to keep her edge both on and off the field.

Jen’s holistic approach to health and wellness isn’t just a result of kicking butt on the soccer field for 15 years. In the wake of a series of illnesses in her family, she deepened her understanding of how rest and recovery impact health and wellness.

Jen lost her closest aunt from Lupus at just 52. Shortly after, her mom was diagnosed with the disease. Jen became her mom’s biggest health advocate and coach. It was during her search for the most effective, natural therapies, that she first came across infrared saunas. The treatment not only helped her mom but inspired Jen’s next career move.

Jen took a job at one of the largest infrared sauna brands in the industry and built relationships with commercial customers across the country. Over the next two years, Jen learned about the top recovery technologies used by athletes, executives, people in chronic pain, and anyone looking to relax, naturally.

Jen saw an opportunity to bring those technologies to Kansas City. Knowing wellness and recovery are more than just the latest technology, Jen has worked to create a space to recharge her clients’ minds, bodies, and spirits.

And that’s why ReCharge is also a space to spread the love. Laugh. Take a nap. Break a sweat. Share a story. Get knowledge. Get your groove back. Help someone else learn to groove. Be true to yourself.